William B. Wingfield, currently playing Graffiti Pete in In the Heights



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“We do what’s called a prayer circle every night before we go on stage. It’s just a moment for us all to come together; we take a couple of breaths, we align our energies. If anybody has anything to add to the circle, you know, family or friends or good news, bad news, whatever, that’s the moment when we all share, stay updated with each other’s lives. And then we have a prayer every night. Chris Jackson usually leads it; he’s the guy who pays Benny in the show. Some night it trades off, it just depends. But we come together every night no matter what before we start the show. When we get the five-minute call, everybody comes downstairs.”

“Me and my girlfriend just celebrated our two-year anniversary. We went to Serendipity 3 and had dinner and dessert. We’re new to New York, we both recently relocated from Los Angeles, and of course, being a girl, my girlfriend’s a big fan of the movie [Serendipity]. And she always wanted to go to the restaurant.”

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