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...things we ate and drank this year. Indian sweets in Floral Park. Vegetarian patties in Crown Heights. Chinese in Chelsea. We dare you to taste 'em all.



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New York's tastiest ten (10): We've stuffed ourselves all year to be able to judge the most delicious mouthfuls in the city. Here they are.
Jew vs. pig (5): A kosher critic pokes, prods and sniffs our top pork picks—without tasting, rabbi!—and rates the dishes on a scale of one star (not tempted) to six (I give in!).
The art of the sandwich (1): We take apart a masterpiece of meatless-meal construction.
Worker’s chomp (3): Do our highfalutin faves pass muster with a Brooklyn ironworker?
Mouths from the South (7): We love our Latin-American picks, but what do the natives think? Includes review of Mama’s Empanadas.
The ultimate bread basket (7): We mixed and matched our favorite carbs. Bring on the butter, fat boy!
Showdown (4): Face-offs over the most delicious duck and the richest hot cocoa.
You want fries with that? (3): Spuds so succulent, you won’t care about the carbs.
One for the road (11): A great drink may not be enough to lure you away from your usual haunts, but how ’bout a drink and an activity? Now you have no excuse.
Best of the rest (49): Sinful cakes, mouth-watering burgers and more.
Indulge without guilt: Our list of New York City's best dishes is packed, by necessity, with rich, fatty treats. We called in a nutritionist to assess what's good for you as well.

Bonus recipes

   • Red-velvet cake from Cake Man Raven
   • Lobster roll from Pearl Oyster Bar
   • The Picante Sandwich from Despaña
   • Lasagna Fatta in Casa from Max
   • Mini coffee and chocolate sandwich cookies from Baked
   • Cherry Lime Rickey from Tom's
   • Caraway-infused aquavit from Aquavit

Download a printable checklist of all 100 selections.

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