A new ice-skating rink is coming to South Street Seaport

The downtown district, which is still recovering from the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy, is getting an ice palace on November 29—just in time for the holidays



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South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport Courtesy South Street Seaport

Ice-skating mania is a real thing this winter: There are new rinks scheduled to open in Prospect Park and McCarren Park, and skating has already begun at the iconic Rink at Rockefeller Center. Never one to be outdone, South Street Seaport recently announced it will be launching a new ice-skating rink just in time for the holiday season.

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This isn't the area's first dalliance with an ice-skating rink: Seaport Ice ran for one season in 2009, and shuttered after a few months. The new rink is set to open on November 29, and the neighborhood's annual tree lighting will happen on the same evening. It will be located at Fulton and Front Streets. Not much else has been announced beyond that, but we'll keep you posted as more details emerge.

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Well, we went yesterday, apparently the rink's opening day (their website had said otherwise). The quality of the ice at the little rink is really nice (better than Bryant Park, Chelsea Piers and Ice Pavilion in LIC) and typical ice rink staff, but everyone's noticeably friendlier than other rinks (perhaps due to the small feel... of the rink and facilities and lower volume of people...). The rink is about as small as can be for an adult before it feels completely too small. (It's smaller than Olympic size.) Good for children 10 and under. Older kids probably wouldn't enjoy it so much. I was super excited about this rink opening up at the Seaport! We are local and were very excited about the added attraction to the Seaport area, hoping that it would spur business again! Many of the businesses (at least the ones that are still there post-Sandy) are still recovering from that storm!! So I don't wanna write anything negative here, but I must WARN those that have to travel to get to the rink: it's really not worth it unless you don't mind shelling out $10/pp (for adults and children older than 5 yos), $6/person for skate rentals and $8 for a garbage-sized bag to store all your belongings, including shoes, for just 45 minutes of skate time!!!!!!! Yep, you read right -- I was informed by their manager that there's a skating-time limit even though it's nowhere to be found on their website! AND of an early closing even though that too wasn't on the website. I was rather annoyed finding out about that after having shelled out $34 for me and my little girl and having planned on skating for at least a couple of hours -- yes, we like to skate. My friend was less bothered by that, perhaps because the rink being a pleasant experience wasn't that important to her? She's not into ice skating and she lives further away from it than we do. At any rate, no one mentioned anything about the rink closing early that day (at 3 p.m.) nor did anyone mentioned anything about a 45 minute skating limit! Certainly not to me when I was paying to get in (or any of the other two neighborhood moms that we bumped into there! I asked.) Short of calling me a liar to my face, the young 20 something, with heavy make-up manager, insisted that she (and her staff) had informed everyone of that policy/schedule. And I had hoped that our experience would be pleasant so that it would make sense for us to purchase season passes!! What a disappointment for me.:( I was really looking forward to that happening. Perhaps they're just off to a bumpy start? Fingers crossed!!! Would be so nice to take my daughter there for some skating after school!!! So.... I'll keep hoping... I can't give them no stars, even if that was an option, the ice is really nice! Very smooth and smooth -- not too hard or powdery... at least it was when we were there on Friday...

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