Abby Kheir, 30

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Abby Kheir
Abby Kheir

"These Dolce&Gabbana glasses are the best things I've bought so far in the U.S. They don't really use the word bling in Australia, but it's a great term and I love it."

What are you up to? I'm shopping with my sister.

I detect an Australian accent. Yep, we're visitingfrom Sydney. We were in L.A. last week, and now we're in New York for five nights.

Clearly you loved New York and only so-so liked L.A., right? [Laughs] You know, we've just been shopping the entire time, so that's all I've experienced. We own clothing stores in Sydney, so we were on a mission—getting ideas, trying to see what the fashion is like here compared to Australia.

Way to avoid the question. Okay, I have to ask: Can you use fair dinkum in a sentence? I know that phrase—it's Australian slang—but no one ever uses it.

And here I was thinking you all said it regularly! Do the toilets at least flush in the opposite direction Down Under? I forgot to check! We've been so busy shopping we haven't thought of anything else.

Any notable cultural differences between New York and Sydney? When you order a cheeseburger meal at McDonald's you get two here. At home you only get one.

Ah, you've discovered why we're all so fat. No, no, you're not.

Oh no, we are, it's okay. We've come to terms with it. Just like you Aussies have come to terms with...being founded on a colony of convicts? [Laughs] That's the first history lesson we learn in school.

So how was the very long flight getting here? I'm actually very afraid of flying. I was panicking for a month before I left. But it was amazing—the whole trip was calm. I didn't feel a thing once I boarded the plane.

It must be a sign that you should come back again soon. I think that must be what it means.--Kate Lowenstein