Adopt an adorable cat today during the ASPCA's Cat Friday

The ASPCA waives its adoption fees for this Black Friday event, where you can take home a shelter cat.



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Instead of spending hours at a big-box store with the bargain-crazed hordes on Black Friday, consider giving a home to a shelter cat from the ASPCA (424 E 92nd St between First and York Aves; 212-876-7700,; Nov 29 11am–9pm). On November 29, the organization will host Cat Friday, during which fees will be waived if you adopt a cat who's more than one year old. (The cost to take home a kitten younger than one year will be reduced to $50.) The ASPCA has other perks for new cat owners, too, including free cardboard scratchers, collars and a cardboard carrier; plus, you can bring in your new furry friend for a free vet visit for up to two weeks postadoption at the on-site Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. Meet ten of the adorable feline companions that you could welcome into your home.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Bells, 3, and Eros, 5
    These BFFs love each other so much that they shouldn't be separated—they have to be adopted together.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Chuck, 3, neutered male
    Even though Chuck is a little shy around new people, he's great with other cats; a friendly, outgoing kitty would be a great companion for him.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Florsheim, 2½, neutered male
    This sweet, friendly little guy will really come out of his shell once he's in a home to call his own.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Galexi, 2½, spayed female
    Galexi needs a home where she'll be a solo cat, with a family that can tend to her special needs: she gets special food to manage her diabetes.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    George, 4, neutered male
    This fluffy friend has tested positive for FIV, but his illness is easily managed—plus, he loves other cats, and would do well with another cat buddy.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Happy, 4, spayed female
    This sweet girl has lived quite a life so far: After falling out of an apartment window, she had to have a leg amputated, and experienced blindness (although she can see shapes). But she's adjusted well and has relearned to walk on her remaining legs.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Lance, 7, neutered male
    If you're looking for one cat to share a special bond with, Lance is your guy: He's a little sensitive, and might take some time to warm up—but he'll become a great friend once he does. He does best in homes without kids.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Miss Pearl, 4, spayed female
    It might take Miss Pearl some time to get used to her new home, but once she does, she'll be a happy, sociable gal. But she does best on her own—so no other cats—and with older kids.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Sarafina, 1, spayed female
    This tiny Torbie—she only weighs five pounds—is a ball of energy who loves being the center of attention.

  • Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

    Teresa, 7, spayed female
    Even though Teresa isn't a big fan of other cats or small children, she definitely loves exploring new spaces and getting lots of affection. (Though she'll let you know when she needs alone time.)


Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

Bells, 3, and Eros, 5
These BFFs love each other so much that they shouldn't be separated—they have to be adopted together.

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