Albert Owens

Basketball courts at Sixth Ave and W 3rd St

Albert Owens

Albert Owens Photograph by Donald Bowers

MAY I ASK YOUR AGE? "Yes, you may."

ARE YOU WATCHING THE GAME? "Nah, I'm kind of a flutter brain. I wander around, see the sights, enjoy the music of the city. I walk the streets a lot."

OCCUPATION: "I don't have a job. Sometimes I do performances in the park. Hilarious, stupendous things. I'm very clever, under the right circumstances. I have no material, I have no act, I just act out and I usually succeed."

"I'm a snappy dude, but these are just clothes. I buy whatever appeals to me—interesting old clothing."

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--Market editor Kristina Dechter, edited by Kate Lowenstein