Alice Rausch, 26

Wooster St between Broome and Spring Sts

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Well, we can skip the part where I ask you what you do for a living. [Laughs] Oui. I'm a model.

Clearly. So what's the worst part about it? Maybe watching what you eat? You can't go to McDonald's every day. But it's quite fun and it's good money. I have an identical twin sister who does it, too.

Identical twin? Thousands of men just went slack-jawed. [Laughs] We started out only modeling together, and then after two years we decided to go our separate ways.

You know they used to burn redheads at the stake. Oui, oui, oui. And also, if you were 50 kilos, it means you were light enough to fly, so they said also you were a witch and they were burning you.

So you'd have been totally screwed. Yes, in both cases! We've come a long way, non?

How do you deal with having your pick of the dating pool? Non, it's not that easy, I think. I'm not looking to date. With my job, you travel every two months. So many girls say, "Ah, I have a boyfriend, but I didn't see him for six months." Sorry, but it doesn't count. He's probably cheating on you. [Laughs]

What will you do when you get old and fat? Well, I'm trying not to get fat. Old, I can't change. I'll get kids, I'll get or two times, or three.

How realistic of you. Oui, I don't believe in marriage.

But you plan on getting married anyway? For the party and the cake and the champagne.

More from Alice

"I've been modeling since I was 19. It was a big, big dream for my sister and me. We had to wait until we graduated. It was so long to wait. The day after graduation, we left for Milan. It was like a dream come true: We started working and doing castings right away. We met Roberto Cavalli. We had no idea before who everyone was. 'Armani what? Who?' We were scared, but we were together, so it was easier."

"It's not about eating less, it's about eating good. Some girls, they eat nothing, but there's no point, you become really skinny and ugly and you don't find work."

"My parents are from Luxembourg but I grew up in Holland. We went to a French school, so I speak French, English, Dutch and German. I prefer Frenglish."