Andi and Diego, 20 and 21

62nd St between Park and Lexington Aves

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Are you married? Andi: Well, he always says we are. Everyone busts his balls about it, but it’s just a promise ring. Diego: I used to go on tour for months at a time. I wear a ring so if girls hit on me, I can be like, “Sorry!”

But don’t you find that wedding rings are chick magnets? Andi: Everything he does is a chick magnet—doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a ring or not! Diego: I’m oblivious to it.… Andi: And I yell at him all the time.

So what do you go on tour for? Diego: I’m a singer in a band called Longspur. It’s pop-metal.

Sounds like an oxymoron. Diego: It’s like, you have a metal song and all of a sudden the chorus will be melodic. You have to commercialize it somehow. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, so I gotta make some dough before I write my symphony. [Laughs]

Are you guys in school? Diego: No, I work at Urban Outfitters. Andi:I work at Diesel part-time, intern at Universal Records and go to school for creative writing. I write stories, in the style of Chuck Palahniuk.

Are you as anally obsessed as he is? Andi: Oh, you’ve read “Guts,” I’m guessing? It took me a long time to get through that. I’m a huge fan. My stuff is dark like his. I’m kind of obsessed with death and serial killers.

Diego, have you written any songs about Andi yet? Diego: No, not yet. But I got some ideas. I can’t wait.

More thoughts from Andi and Diego

Andi: “I‘m really into graffiti. 5 Pointz is a couple stops from me on the 7 train; it’s one of the only legal spots in the city. But even there, if you put up your tag, the cops will bust you for having done the same tag somewhere else.”

Andi: “We’ve been dating for about four months. We spend all our time together—we’re like best friends.” Diego: “It’s funny because I used to always need all this time for myself. But now when we do have a day apart, it’s, like, miserable. We’re, like, texting each other all day being like, ‘Errrrrgh, how’s your day, man?’ ”

—Kate Lowenstein


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