Andrew Borin, 27

2nd St at Borden Ave, Long Island City, Queens

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

You won't be borin', right?
[Laughs] God, I hope not.

Are you a hipster?
Call me what you want. This outfit was 100 percent adrenaline. You only live to get radical.

Okay, officially a hipster. What do you do?
I'm an editor for music videos and commercials. I work with I'm A Robot, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan...stuff like that.

Where are you from?

What was it like growing up in Movieland?
I always got into trouble. As a kid I joined a gang of Hasidic Jews on Melrose. We would go around tagging the Star of David everywhere.No! Yes. I'm totally serious.

Were payot your gang symbol?
No, but I wore a pink yarmulke. You know, it was like The Sandlot or something—that type of gang. I'm not talking cappin' bitches 'n' shit. I didn't live in Compton. [Laughs]

I get it. Did your family approve?
They were like, whatever. I was brought up Protestant. My mom would take me to the library to get books and I was like, Cool,I can learn about Hanukkah! I converted to Judaism, like, three years ago. I love the culture and I believe in the belief system—it's steeped in so much tradition.

I like to hate on L.A. Does it have anything on NYC?
The weather; you can't deny that.

That's all?
I'm not impressed. That's why I'm living here, girl.

More from Andrew

"I was vegan for eight years. I broke it a couple of years ago with a friend at Paul's Palace. We ordered the burger tartare: eight ounces of raw hamburger meat with a raw egg in the middle. We didn't even get to the subway before we started puking. I was like, Back in the game."

"Growing up in L.A., I hung out with a lt of bands and kids who went on to direct music videos. Going to NYU, it all fell into place. WHen I was a kid I wanted to either write romance novels or children's TV shows."

Andrew says: "Man, my apartment is so junky. Like, seriously. I have the arcade game, and a pachinko machine. Anything I can find at a swap meet I'll put in my apartment. I've never had bedbugs, thank God. But I've definitely had numerous friends who have. I love how they don't tell you, and then they're like, Oh yeah, I have bedbugs. And you're like, Shit, why am I lying on your bed right now?"