Apple products accounted for almost a fifth of NYC thefts in 2013

More than 8,000 iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices were stolen in NYC last year, according to an NYPD report



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Though New York City became a much safer place under Michael Bloomberg's administration, one major type of crime hasn't dropped—grand larceny, and you can blame Apple products for that. According to NYPD data, the number of grand larcenies has risen every year since 2010, whereas the amount of murders, car thefts et al. has dropped. A major factor is the frequency of iPads, iPhones and other Apple electronic devices being stolen.

As originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, 18 percent of thefts last year involved Apple products—8,465, to be exact. In 2002, there were only 25 similar cases with Apple devices. Many of these snatchings happen on public transportation, so hold on to your prized gold iPhone 5S while you're riding the train!

Check out the NYPD Crime Map to find out what crimes are being committed in your neighborhood.

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LeNair Xavier
LeNair Xavier

I'm so sick of people buying into the idea that a city's Mayor makes a difference in the crime rate the way the media propagates it to. I mean, do you really think a criminal before committing a crime is thinking about "the Mayor's wrath"? NO! The Mayor's part in the crime rate is actually because of the affordability he/she makes their city. And Bloomberg killed that affordability for sure. If people didn't have to steal or do the unseemly to stay afloat in NYC, their only other choice was to either leave NYC, or choose crime. At one time, I would never consider giving my hard-earned money to the homeless. But under Bloomberg's administration, I've started to. Even at a time when I was receiving unemployment. For it's the affordability of a city that makes people commit crimes like grand larceny. So if Apple products are in the equation in the crime rate, it is only PART. Michael Bloomberg's administration (of corporate greed) however, caused the desperation for a rise in crimes like grand larceny. THAT is where the blame belongs.

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