The Beatles in NYC 50th Anniversary

Celebrate the Beatles' legendary U.S. tour at these shows, exhibitions and gatherings



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Photograph: © Apple Corps Ltd.

Liverpool may be the Beatles’ birthplace, but New York is arguably where the band became a worldwide sensation. The Fab Four’s inaugural appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, not only introduced them to America en masse—approximately 73 million people tuned in for the lads’ performance, a record-breaking number—but it took Beatlemania, and the concept of fandom itself, to a whole other level, cementing the band’s status as a full-on cultural phenomenon. (Every time you see a teen girl sobbing over One Direction or some other assemblage of cute, mop-topped guys, you have John, Paul, George and Ringo to thank.)

So it’s only fitting that, as the 50th anniversary of that landmark five-song performance approaches, NYC is pulling out all the stops to celebrate that first wave of Beatlemania. Check out some of the best Beatles tributes happening across the five boroughs this month, including concerts, museum exhibitions and fan fests.

Beatles quiz: Call yourself a Beatlemaniac? Prove it!

How much of a Fab Four expert are you? Test your knowledge with our (actually quite hard) quiz by clicking through the image.

Recommended event: “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!”

Kansas City, Missouri, September 17, 1964

Kansas City, Missouri, September 17, 1964 Photograph: Bob Bonis © Not Fade Away Gallery

These days, frenzied excitement over the latest pop sensation—the devotion of Directioners or the zeal of Beliebers—is practically de rigueur. But back in 1964, the idea that a music group could inspire mass hysteria by doing little more than shaking their mop-topped heads and singing “yeah, yeah, yeah” was virtually unheard-of—that is, until the Beatles came along. The Fab Four’s rise to worldwide fame not only ushered in a new era of music (hello, British Invasion), it also changed the way fans interact with their favorite bands, and maybe even pop culture as we know it.

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The four best boy bands since the Fab Four

Matching outfits, coiffed mop tops, Beatlemania-branded lunchboxes: the Liverpudlian lads undoubtedly set the template for youthful heartthrobs to come. Here are our faves (roughly by decade).

  • The Monkees

    Moviestore Collection/Re/REX USA

    The quartet’s prefab origins blazed a trail for other less-than-authentic groups, proving the crucial importance of catchy ditties, constant on-screen mugging and the odd wool hat.

    The Monkees
  • New Edition

    The Boston boys got the ’80s off to a sweetly harmonized start and set the tone for decades of synchronized-dancing R&B vocal groups (bonus points for spawning funky spin-off Bell Biv DeVoe).

    New Edition
  • The Backstreet Boys

    Respect to Justin Timberlake’s ramen noodle hair, but Nick Carter and Co. owned the TRL-era with albums like 1999’s oh-so-topical Millennium. Little known fact: the disc single-handedly prevented the Y2K meltdown.

    The Backstreet Boys
  • One Direction

    Courtesy of Columbia Records

    Three albums in, the X Factor–born pop group is just hitting its stride as the world’s preeminent boy band—as long as Kardashian-consorting Harry stays put. Good news though, their current tour has the kids on the road till 2025 (at least).

    One Direction

The Monkees

Moviestore Collection/Re/REX USA

The quartet’s prefab origins blazed a trail for other less-than-authentic groups, proving the crucial importance of catchy ditties, constant on-screen mugging and the odd wool hat.

50 things we wouldn't have without the Beatles

Let's get one thing straight from the get-go: We simply wouldn't have modern life as we know it without the Beatles. Mom wouldn't have met dad, you wouldn't have been born, we'd all be eating space pills by now. We all know that. But we'd like to share with you some tangible—and sometimes surprising—facts about the Fab Four's influence, from the sublime (their popularization of Eastern philosophy in the West) to the ridiculous (vegetarian sausages) and various shades of Phil Collins in between. Ladies and gentlemen: 50 things we wouldn't have without the Beatles.

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