Beki Thomas

St. Marks Pl between Second and Third Aves

What are you up to? Shopping! I'm on a world tour with my band from Australia, and I'm so sick of my clothes. I want to throw them all out and start again.

What's your band called? Beki and the Bullets.

So if you're Beki, who are the Bullets? A bunch of great guys. Our music has got a punky, '80s feel.

Just you and the guys, huh? Are you having estrogen withdrawal yet? I 'spose I would like to sit down and have a glass of wine with my girlfriends. But it's been fun. I feel like one of the guys. We've been perving on girls and stuff [Laughs].

Are you dating any of your bandmates? No, but I used to.

That's gotta be awkward. I don't know why, but it isn't. We write all the songs together as well.

What are they about? Breakups, falling in love, falling out of love...

Who are you, Gwen Stefani? I know! She and Tony were together and then broke up, and they have songs about it. Gwen and I are living a parallel existence. Except she's got more money [Laughs].

How old are you? Older than Britney, younger than Gwen. That's the most I'll tell you.

Fair enough. Will you tell me where you've been on tour? Holland, Poland, Berlin, Romania, Prague...shit. It's been really full-on.

And hard on your wardrobe, I hear. Which place was the most punk-rock? So far, Berlin and New York.

Oh, stop. You flatter us! No, no, seriously! We absolutely love it here.

So what happens to Beki and the Bullets when the '80s go out of style again? For me, they never will. I've got the '80s running through my veins.