Brian Bailey, 56

University Pl and 11th St

Brian Bailey

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

What are you up to?
Just goin' to brunch with my girlfriend. I'm not really from New York City—my girlfriend lives here. I live in Dalton, Pennsylvania. It's kind of like Andy Griffith town.

We like to call that bumblefuck.
[Laughs] Yeah, it's good for having kids. I'm a quiet guy. I mind my own business. I work construction for eight months a year and then at Christmas I come to New York.

How did you meet your girlfriend?
She was my high-school sweetheart. She moved to New York and I didn't see her for 30 years. So I got married, had two kids, and got divorced...and then one night I looked her name up and called her. We met in the Poconos and...we've been dating for about four years now.

Amazing. Is that to say that no one really changes that much?
Yeah. And if you love something you let it go, and if it comes back to you then it's real.

Is it worth letting it go even if you have to wait three damn decades for it?
Well, I got two beautiful kids out of it.

So, construction: Do you gawk at the women walking by like so many of your NYC compatriots?
Ha, no. Especially not in the places where I work. We're putting roads in at an airport right now.

This seems to be the year of construction accidents.
I know—cranes falling. I've seen people fall off beams. There are better ways to die than falling off a building.

Yeah, shit. Oops, sorry. I have a dirty mouth.
Aw, fuck. Me too.