Brian Nyilas, 28, and Megan Semeniuk, 20

Mulberry Street between Prince and Spring Streets

Brian Nyilas, 28; Megan Semeniuk, 20

Brian Nyilas, 28; Megan Semeniuk, 20 Photograph by Donald Bowers

OCCUPATION:  Brian: sales consultant (a.k.a. "brand pimp") for Brand Pimps and Media Whores. Megan: salesperson at the Tsubi store.

THE LOOK: "I like to wear the basics with a rocker twist," says Brian; "I just throw things together." "Comfort comes before fashion,"adds Megan.

  1. Shade those baby blues with aviatorish glasses ($98) from Stssy, 140 Wooster St.
  2. Keep the hoodie trend alive with a Nice Collective field jacket ($309) from Odin, 199 Lafayette St.
  3. Achieve that Where's Waldo mystique with a striped tee ($40) from Proper Fools, 236 W 27th St.
  4. Get the skinny on jeans for guys and gals at Tsubi ($232), 219 Mulberry St.
  5. See what the buzz is about at Autonomy Salon (327 Lafayette St), where ladies' and gents' cuts go for $85.
  6. Venture north and bring back a souvenir from the Metropolitan Museum Shop, 1000 Fifth Ave (scarves from $44).
  7. Pad your Achilles' with Greek Flat sandals ($80) from Dolce Vita, 149 Ludlow St.


--Market Editor Kristina Dechter; Edited by Kate Lowenstein