Brooke Black, 25

Ditmars Blvd and 31st St, Astoria

Brooke Black

Brooke Black Photograph by Donald Bowers

"I pretty much only shop at H&M and thrift stores. I like wearing really bright colors—I should really wear more black."

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Where'd you get the shark? From some girl...I ordered it on eBay.

It doesn't gross you out to own someone's former cuddle-thing? It is kinda weird. Someone was definitely sleeping with it, based on the matted fur. She said it was new....

So are you in the shark business? Um, no. I work for Pirate Promotion, which does publicity for Tom Waits and bands like Annual, Pinback and Broken Social Scene.

Are those your favorites? I can't say; it changes all the time. I like all kinds of music, as long as it embodies the spirit of not giving a shit and playing your heart out.

Where do you live? Williamsburg.

And you work in Astoria—from one gentrified 'hood to another! It's true, but Astoria is so up-and-coming that you wouldn't even know it—I see families everywhere. And I live in the Italian part of Williamsburg, which is probably starting to get hipper, but it's not at the center of it. It's still got it's charm.

Long commute? It's like an hour. First I take the L, then I sleep on the N all the way out here. I'm always late to work.

You must have looked very cozy with sharkie today. Actually, I just picked him up. I walked for about five seconds before getting stopped by you!I'm sure most New Yorkers wouldn't have batted an eye. I know. I love this city. I recently got a job offer in L.A. and I didn't take it because I haven't seen enough of New York. I try to do touristy stuff on the weekends to get it all in: riding the Staten Island Ferry, going to pickle day...

Pickle day? Yeah, that was in late summer.

Got a thing for pickles? If they're dill—not the bread-and-butter or sweet-and-sour kinds. I like big ones [Laughs]. I mean pickles.

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Market editor Kristina Dechter