Carla Rivera, 21

West 8th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Carla Rivera

Carla Rivera Photograph by Donald Bowers

"These are Taverniti Jeans. The sunglasses I got at a dollar store a couple of years ago."

Take your pick: $150 for the jeans (at Atrium, 644 Broadway, 212-473-9200) or $1 for the shades (try Jack's 99-Cent Store, 16 E 40th St, 212-696-5767).

What are you up to? I'm taking a break from work.

Where do you work? At Untitled, a little boutique near Sixth Avenue.

Where are you from? I live in the Bronx but I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I came here about six years ago.

That's a big move. How do you like it? I like it, but I like the city better. I work in the city, study in the city, go out in the city—

By "the city," do you mean Manhattan? Yeah. I just shower and sleep in the Bronx.

Long commute for showering and sleeping. Well, my parents live there and I don't pay anything.

Nice. Tell me more about moving here from Puerto Rico. It was...different. New York is huge compared to Puerto Rico. I'm into fashion, so ever since I got here, I've been working in boutiques. It's great; I love New York. There's no place like it.

What's Untitled like? We carry everything from Vivienne Westwood to True Religion. People of all ages and races come in because we have so many different kinds of designers.

People of all types who can afford the gear. Yeah, but you know what? You're paying for a good piece that's gonna fit you and last forever. That's what I think. They're clothes that mean something. High-end fashion designers make amazing things—they're pieces of art. If you have the money, go ahead and buy them.

And if you don't? Try to look cool anyway and save up!— Kate Lowenstein

Market editor Kristina Dechter