Caroline Tseng, 21

University Pl at 11th St

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

What are you up to? I'm on my way to rehearsal—I'm in an a cappella group. We sing Chinese pop songs.

What's it called? Vocollision. Though we might change our name because there's a group with the same name in Singapore.

You mean they haven't banned a cappella in Singapore yet? [Laughs] Oh my God, seriously, right?

Are you at NYU? Yeah, Stern.

What's the general consensus about the NYU Abu Dhabi campus? Everyone thinks it's really cool. Stupid that you can go to NYU without ever coming to New York—that's just weird, but otherwise I think there's a lot of interest and excitement.

You gotta wonder about the student body over there: If homosexuality is illegal, for one thing, it'll look very different from New York's NYU. Wow, I didn't know that. That would definitely be met with quite a bit of opposition.Though Stern is more conservative than other schools. Some people who are gay say they feel like they're discriminated against here.

But there's a cappella! Is the singing-group scene big and incestuous? I dated one of the guys in the group before, yes. But I think that might be it.

A cappella tends to get a bad rap in general, don't you think? Well, New York is such a crazy place, it isn't considered so weird. People mostly think it's pretty cool.

Cool? Even mouth percussionists? [Laughs] That was the guy I dated.

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"I have a I stop people on the street and ask them about their clothes. Walking thorugh NYU is like walking down a runway. I thought, these people have to be recognized somewhere."

"You don't really hear Chinese pop on the radio here, but if you know to look for it in Chinatown and Flushing, you'll see a lot of posters for upcoming concerts."

"Finance is very male-dominated, while marketing is kind of girly. Business in general is about relationships, you know, so you go out with the guys to a sports bar, or you have to know about golfing or something. There's definitely that mentality and it's a challenge to me because it's not things I'm interested in. Which is stereotypical of me."