Charley Brown, 27

39th Street and Seventh Avenue

Charley Brown

Charley Brown Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I always wear sunglasses when I'm outside—less interaction with all the strangers that way. I mean, we're walking around with 8 million other we really need to look at everybody?!? These are Silhouettes. I love them because they feel light as air, so you never know they're on."

Is that a pseudonym you reserve for reporters? Nope, it's my given name.

Parents were Peanuts fans, then? It wasn't their idea to call me Charley—they named me Charles Patrick, and since my dad goes by Chuck, I ended up with Charley. Everyone thought it was very funny.

Including you, I hope. When I was a kid I used to haaate it so much. But when I was about 16 I started to like it. It's pretty cute.

Incidentally, you smell delicious. Thanks! It's this perfume called Pink Sugar. I love it because it smells just like cotton candy. Though when people ask what it is, I usually say it's sex and candy they're smelling.

Are you a circus enthusiast? [Laughs] No. But I was once recruited for the circus.

Really? Was it because you smelled the part? No—I didn't even have this perfume yet. I was buying my nephew a snow cone and this guy started asking me a hundred questions. He gave me a map and said all I had to do was show up with my social security number and they'd make me a clown with my own car! I thought about it for a minute, but then I was like, Enh, not now. If I had been 18 I would have totally done it. What a bizarre, dysfunctional life that must be.

So what do you do? I'm getting my B.F.A. in May from FIT. My minor is fashion and my major is accessories. I make wallets, handbags, name it, I make it.

Ever make a yellow sweater with a black zigzag across the chest? No, but I would. I'd wear it ironically.

Is your beard ironic? No, the beard is lazy.—Kate Lowenstein