Christian Lee, 31

North 12th St at Driggs Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Christian Lee
Christian Lee

Photograph by Jay Muhlin

Nice cape. Thanks! It's actually a poncho. My mom made it for me.

How nice of her. Where's she? In Texas, where I grew up.

Why'd you leave? To see the world and, you know, spread the gospel.

Is that what your first name requires of you? [Laughs] It's part of the tradition.

Is Jesus involved in this? No, it's nondenominational—it's about being good to each other.

What do you do? Shit jobs. I work at a bar, a record store and on film shoots. I also sing and play guitar in a band called Center Divider.

What's the music like? It's the opposite of what I look like.

So...not black metal? Nope. It's spacey and minimal, but dark and beautiful, too. Maybe I look like a death-metal dude, but I kind of think I look like a Muppet, too.

Do you get chased by overzealous ladies with snouts? [Laughs] Nah. But I feel very much like Kermit when I'm with the band—trying to make sure everyone's happy, trying to put on a quality show.

What does Center Divider mean? There's the life before and the afterlife. The center divider is your life here on Earth.

Do you believe in reincarnation? I don't know, but if it exists, I wanna do good so I can come back and do good in the next life. Or maybe I'll just end up coming back as a potato. But I'd wanna be a good potato and, you know...

Boil quickly? Yes! [Laughs] I don't have specific beliefs except do your best to be nice. And boil quickly.

More thoughts from Christian

"It's fun to dress as a character—and to realize that it's just a character. It adds a little magic to my day."

"I really liked Babe: Pig in the City. There has to be a tinge of darkness for me to like a movie. I think that's what makes things human."

"My building is crooked and my room has a slant—if you put a marble on the floor, it'd roll all the way across. It's kind of like living on a ship. There's a certain romance to it."

--Kate Lowenstein