Claire Mazur, 23

Sixth Ave at 26th St

Claire Mazur

Claire Mazur Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I got this dress at TopShop in London. It would be a big mistake for that store not to come to New York."

What do you do? I'm getting my masters in arts administration at Columbia.

So are you aiming to be the next Larry Gagosian? I'm leaving that open. In the program I'm in, you can take classes in both performing- and visual-arts management. And it's not a profit-driven pursuit for anyone at Columbia, really.

Do you feel like there's a lot of BS in the contemporary art scene? What's astounding to me is the prices that some things are going for. A Rothko just sold for $73 million. I think it's a great piece of art, but that it sold for that much money is confusing to me.

Ever have the itch to create yourself? That's something I really enjoy, but not as a career. I've always been interested in interacting with artists and seeing that their work comes to fruition.

You secretly want to date an artist, don't you? [Laughs] Yes, maybe! Actually, no. It's about watching the creative process happen—and being a part of it.

Right, sure. You know, artists are notoriously bad to date. [Laughs] I don't think I've ever dated one. I'm currently dating an academic.

Also notoriously difficult to date. He is difficult! But he's worth it. [Construction workers nearby start to whistle and make comments.] Do you get that a lot? Yeah, especially in this part of town. I've pretty much had to turn my ears off.

Or provide a good retort. Well, I shouldn't say this to a journalist, but occasionally I'll flip a discreet middle finger-....

I'd have been disappointed if you didn't. Well, my mother certainly isn't proud of my public behavior. Though sometimes I think she should be.—Kate Lowenstein