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Will the Two Coreys unite? Will Feldman be a vampire in the newLost Boysfilm? We talked with the onetime vamp hunter.



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Holy hell, Corey Feldman just shot himself in the head! Okay, sure, not for real, but in the trailer for his latest Web project, Splatter—in which viewers will decide who dies each week, leaving veteran horror team Roger Corman and Joe Dante scrambling to make it happen—Feldman disturbingly pulls the trigger on his own all-too-familiar noggin. Watching his guts being spilled all over the screen in The Two Coreys was somehow less disturbing. Because, despite his past, um, escapades and clothing choices, this Corey remains a lovable icon of nostalgia. So we were thrilled to talk to the actor/musician/original ’80s vampire hunter about his largely nocturnal lifestyle and love all things dark, particularly his inability to let the Lost Boys go. We caught him on the phone just days before he flew off to South Africa to start filming the third installment.

When you’re in New York, what late-night spots do you like to hang out at?
Knowing New York as well as I do, I know that the trends come and go every six months, so since I haven’t been there in the last six months I’m sure that whatever is hot and happening at the moment far and vastly different from the last time I was there. I did a play in New York a couple years ago Off Broadway called Fatal Attraction. And while I was there, one of the places I frequented was the [now closed] Crobar.

Any other places?
The Pink Elephant, which is right across from Crobar, so that became very convenient. I like the old-school stuff. Like back in the day, the Tunnel, or America. Do you remember that one club that had, like, a VIP room with a Jacuzzi in it?

Well, I don’t really get invited to the VIP rooms.
Oh [Laughs], well, I remember one night, one crazy night, me and a girlfriend, the manager took us up there and he’s like, “Here you go, you can have it all to yourself.” The other stuff I used to do way back in the day—and I probably shouldn’t admit this—I used to go these underground clubs that were gambling places. I used to go and play blackjack. That’s your confession.

Lost Boys 3. Why do it?
Well, why not? [Laughs] Most important because the second one was very hit-and-miss. It was a huge success financially, but it was received right down the middle of the road: There were people that loved it and people that absolutely hated it. I was a costarring role in the last one. It was a glorified cameo, and this time it’s a completely different situation, I play the lead. It’s the story of the Frog Brothers and where they’re at. And it’s me and my brother from the original film, Jamison Newlander.

He’s confirmed?
Yes, he’s confirmed. And I’m excited to give the audience more of what they want. Because I felt that last time they felt a bit shortchanged. There were all these promises of Corey Haim and even Jamison being in it, and at the end of the day they both did scenes which ended up being the extras for the DVD. I’m also coming on as executive producer, which is going to give me more a little more creative input to hopefully help be a sounding board for what the fans are looking for.

Will Corey Haim have a cameo this time?
No at this point, he is not involved. He and I are actually on much better terms than we were last time around, so it’s all a bit ironic.

You are back to talking?
Yes, we are. We’re not only talking, but we’re actually in a much healthier place than, say, when we were doing the show a couple years ago. So it’s good. I wouldn’t say that this is the right project for us to reengage our relationship onscreen, but I also wouldn’t rule out a possibility future projects.

What would be the right project?
Either something entirely different, like a film that was very challenging and rewarding for us as actors. I mean it would only be a film—we certainly wouldn’t get back together for any kind of TV project again. But if it was the right film—and something we’re both kind of toying with is reinvestigating License to Drive.

Why that one?
I know that Corey’s had some big ideas for that project that he’s been tinkering around with in his mind and wanting to see surface, but has never brought to the table. So we’re exploring that a little bit. And secondly, I think it’s a fan favorite. It kind of holds a special place in our heart. License to Drive was really the first Two Coreys movie.

I hear there’s a Twilight reference in the new Lost Boys film.
Yeah, there’s a bit of a nod. Essentially, one of the vixens, you might say, [Laughs] is supposed to be a writer who is very similar to the writer of Twilight.

Have you seen the movie or read the books?
I saw the movie.

What’d you think?
[Pauses] It was okay. [Laughs] I think for teen angst and, you know, the contemporary artist and the contemporary moviegoer it’s probably in the right vein and what people want to see these days. But my preference is the horror-comedy thing like Lost Boys. I just like to be able to laugh at yourself in the middle of a horror movie. I also like the rock & roll edge of it all. In my estimation, Twilight is a little bit more for the female side of the species of than the male.

I’d agree with that. What did you think of how they changed the vampire rules—they can go out in the sunlight!
Yeah, I’m not a big fan of that personally. But hey, how can I say they’re doing anything they’re doing anything wrong because they’re making hundreds of millions of dollars. [Laughs] They must be doing something right.

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