Cute dog alert: Enter your pup in Brooklyn Bridge Park's dog photo contest

The title is self-explanatory, right?



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Say it with us: awwwww.

Say it with us: awwwww. Photograph: Julienne Schaer

Guys, it's midafternoon on a Monday. You need a cute puppy photo break, right? Right.

If you're one of those dog owners who Instagrams a ton of photos of your pooch on the regular*, then you'll want to hear about this: Brooklyn Bridge Park is now accepting submissions for its "Cutest Dog at the Dog Run" contest. To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of your pup playing at one of the park's dog runs (at Pier 6 or Main Street) by January 22; the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Dumbo pup shop Wag Club. The puppyless can still get their cute animal fix by visiting the park's Facebook page, where photos will be posted.

* We're not judging. We do this too. With our cat, though.

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Oh sure, I will enter this contest like the share your now. Why doesn't your staff do a check on the winners prior to picking them? You pick three New Yorker's who are already established Photographers and Graphic Web Designers? One may already be famous in his own right - Mr. Brown. You saved thousands of dollars in not having to pay a photographer to do your front page, you did not give someone a chance to have their work/art displayed. These people are already out there, and you posted Brown's picture of the Navy Men at least two or three times in the TONY Magazine prior to the winners being announced. You guys did the wrong thing and Samsung chose people who should not have been chosen.