Damian Danziger, 16

W 21st St between Eighth and Ninth Aves.

Damian Danziger

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Does that haircut have a name? It's sort of, like, a rockabilly-slash-punk thing. A lot of elderly people ask me, "Can you see?"

And you haven't tripped yet? No.

Where do you go to school? The School of the Future.

I always pictured that with robot teachers and virtual-reality classrooms. I wish! It's more of a...I don't know if it's supposed to be, like, the future of how schools are gonna be or, like, planning for your future. It's a fun school. Lately I've been hanging out with new people. I got a little U.N. of friends.

That sounds like a nice model for the future. Yeah.

What's dating like at 16? Is everyone in relationships? There are a lot of people who are more about hookups rather than girlfriends. At a certain age, at about 14, some of the girls will just become, like, smuts.

Smuts? Sorta. They go to parties and hook up with lots of people.

Did you say smuts? I said smuts because sluts is more offensive.

I see. And don't guys do that too? Pretty much, but how it's always been viewed is that it's okay for a guy to do it but not for a girl.

Man! Some things never change, future or not. I know, I think it's sorta messed up.

What about you? I'm not a two-timing type of guy. Me and my girl connect really well.

How long have you been dating? I think, like, three weeks. It doesn't really feel like a long time, but I guess for some people it is.

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"I was chilling with my friend one day and he got four texts and I got three saying, "Michael Jackson is dead." I'm just, like, Whoa. He definitely was an icon. I thought he was good when he was black."

"Everyone in my family is pretty metal. I sorta grew up on that. I get most of my stuff from my parents—most of my shirts and jackets are really old and you can't find 'em anymore."

"I like to do charcoal sketches. I'll just, like, be, like, sitting around and I'll randomly feel like drawing. And I always have my sketchbook near me. I draw anything from, like, Star Wars and, like, Dr. Seuss to, like, Bob Marley and the Clash and the Misfits and stuff."

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