David F., 18

Sixth Ave between 19th and 20th Sts

David F., 18, Sixth Ave between 19th and 20th Sts

David F., 18, Sixth Ave between 19th and 20th Sts Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Public Eye: David F.

Are you too famous to disclose your last name? No...I just like to be secretive.

Fair enough. Does that eye-covering hairdo ever give you depth perception problems? [Laughs] Not really. There's a lot of hair flinging, though. And I do trip on the sidewalk cracks a lot, but that's just because I get distracted by things when I'm walking around.

New York City must be especially hazardous for you, then. I've actually been doing fairly well with that since I got here six years ago.

Where did you live before that? Venezuela. There's quite a population of Chinese people there. It's a funny thing; they like to call themselves a colony.

So do you speak Chinese and Spanish? Yes.

What do you dream in? Well, I'm thinking in Spanish, even now. So I guess I must dream in Spanish, too.

And that tattoo on your left arm is in French. What does it say? LES TEMPS SONT DUR POUR LES RVEURS: Times are hard for the dreamers. It's a quote from Amlie, which is one of my favorite movies.

Okay, so you dream in Spanish, speak in English and Chinese, and get tattoos in French... I have one in Portuguese, too—on my sternum.

And I guess we could say that one on your right arm is in Roman. [Laughs] There isn't much to say about that one. No one in the world knows its meaning except for me.

Aw, really? So even if I really, really wanted to know what it meant...with a cherry on top...I'd still be shit out of luck? Yep, pretty much.

"I got this Amlie tattoo when I was 16. My friend recently showed me a book about Emo culture called Everybody Hurts, which said that to belong to the culture there are certain movies that you have to see. The first quote they use is this one."