Don't Jump!... It won't


I was in Madison Square Park and saw a statue of a man on the roof of a building nearby. I almost called 911 before I realized it wasn’t someone about to jump. Why is it there?—K. Bloom


The fiberglass figure is part of sculptor Antony Gormley’s exhibit “Event Horizon” ( In March, 27 life-size casts of the British artist were installed atop buildings near Madison Square Park, with four more on the ground for up-close inspection. In 2007, the figures stood around the Thames River in London; the artist has said that one of his aims with “Event Horizon” is to make passersby aware of their own surroundings. “We felt confident that people would understand that the figures are sculptures and not real people,” said Debbie Landau, president of the Madison Square Park Conservancy; nevertheless, the NYPD was alerted about the exhibition before it was installed so they could be prepared for people mistaking the pieces for jumpers. The statues will be on display through August 15.—Shayna Courtney

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