Dustin McSwane, 24

Bryant Park

Dustin McSwane
Dustin McSwane

Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"It took me a whole summer to find these espadrilles. I finally got them at a Steven Alan sample sale."

Are you feeling anxious? Huh? Oh, ha-ha, yeah, this is my nervous shirt—butterflies in my stomach. That's actually what I tell people when they say they like it.

Dustin McSwane. It has a ring to it—kind of sounds like the name of a bully in a Beverly Cleary book. Well, Dustin means "valiant fighter."

And are you one? Not necessarily in the physical sense; more in a mental way. My last name is Scottish—it used to be MacSwane but there was discrimination against the Scottish so they changed it from "Mac" to "Mc" to sound more Irish.

What are you listening to? My iPod's always on shuffle and I just listen to whatever...let me check...Oh God! I don't want to tell you this.Oh, goody! You have to. It's that George Michael "Monkey" song.

Could've been worse. What do you do? I'm a stylist and fashion designer.

Do you ever feel like grabbing frumpy people off the street and giving them a style overhaul? Not so much, but I do go, like, "Oh my God, that's awful" a lot. Mostly at the things I see on people at P.S.1 and those kind of events. Fashion victims scare me more than people who don't care.

Do you spend a lot of time enjoying the New York art scene? Yeah, I go to Chelsea every Thursday for gallery openings.

For the free booze? Yes, and also because a lot of my friends are in shows there this year.

Good for them. You must get your fill of the after-parties, too. Yeah, I shouldn't go out as much as I do. When you go to open bars all the time, you sometimes get a little carried away.

So you're living up to your faux-Irish last name? Oh, no comment.--Kate Lowenstein