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E-Commerce Manager

Job title:  E-Commerce ManagerRole descriptionThe scope of this role will be to take responsibility for the execution of Time Out’s...

Job title:  E-Commerce Manager

Role description

The scope of this role will be to take responsibility for the execution of Time Out’s E-Commerce strategy in North America (TONA), with support and guidance from the commercial, marketing, content and London operations teams.

Key responsibilities

    •    In collaboration with the CRO and London E-Commerce team, manage all aspects of TONA’s E-Commerce affiliate partnerships (current and new):
       •       Sourcing and signing new partners
       •       Integration from manual addition of links to working with the Business Analyst to deliver integration requirements documents to product and development team
       •      Analysis of sales and analytics data to optimize conversion and maximize sales
       •       Maintain forecasting and budgeting and provide weekly number updates
    •    Produce Time Out Events content in ticketing platform, making creative use of images and text to deliver compelling content that results in the best possible sales conversion and user experience.
    •    Working with marketing team to schedule the regular and relevant promotion of all E-Commerce partners via email, online and through all promotional mediums to maximize the potential revenue of each partner.
    •    Work closely with the marketing locally and in the UK team to monitor email and web analytics and conversion. Maintain on going strategies to test content placement and in the magazine, emails, online and in apps to maximize revenue and profit.
    •    Present a constant flow of ideas for delivering a better user experience in line with the online commercial strategy, both in terms of digital content and functionality.
    •    Manage the E-Commerce Content Producer and interns to assist in maximizing the user experience and achieving the E-Commerce revenue goals.
    •    Work with marketing to cultivate, launch and maintain a VIP customer program while maximize the potential of our communication strategy with all customers from initial promotion to confirmation email to pre and post event communication.

Role objectives

    •    Drive e-commerce revenues by using analytics and delivering outstanding ideas and quality content.
    •    Maximize the online impact and value of Time Out content ensuring where possible buy buttons exist on listings and in relevant features to complete the user journey.
    •    Enhance the functionality and consumer appeal of Time Out's digital and mobile offerings and work with product and the commercial team to assist in maximizing the revenue of a section.
    •    Maintain and develop strong internal working relationships with all departments locally, nationally and internationally.
    •    Develop and maximize the potential of all current and future E-Commerce partners.
    •    To be internally and externally recognized as an ambassador for Time Out values

Working within a fast moving commercial team, this is a key role that will be responsible for managing Time Out’s affiliate partnerships, producing compelling, accurate and appealing content, producing and promoting TONA Events, as well as keeping the relevant areas of Time Out's North American websites, newsletters populated with engaging commercial content and products. This role will also work closely with their global counterparts in the UK to share knowledge and drive change to increase conversion and user engagement.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should forward cover letter, resume, AND salary requirements to

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