Editor's obsession: Evologie acne-fighting skin-care products

Evologie’s acne-fighting face wash, serum and cream effectively zap pimples without irritating skin.



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  • Larry Stein

Larry Stein

While we could come up with dozens of excuses for a recent spate of breakouts (stress! hormones! phone grime! dairy!), a commensurate amount of acne-fighting products proved frustratingly ineffective. That is, until we stumbled upon year-old skin-care brand Evologie, cofounded by endodontist Dr. Robert Nagel (along with medical physician Dr. Gary Weinberger) after witnessing his daughter’s monthly battles with blemishes. Rather than dry out pimples, the all-natural cleanser ($32), serum ($35) and cream ($62) use arginine to lock in moisture and deeply penetrate skin, allowing key ingredients such as tea-tree oil, salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory willow bark to work their magic at the root cause. We were shocked at how dramatically our zits shrunk overnight after just one use, and even more impressed when our dark spots began to fade in a few weeks. Since the products work best in tandem, we recommend opting for the money-saving starter kit, which shaves $41 off the trio. Evologie Clear Skin kit, $39, at evologie.com

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Talmage D
Talmage D

My granddaughter has been having a lot of problems with acne lately. Her mom was thinking about taking her in to see a dermatologist. I think that what she needs is some kind of cream like this. The only thing that she has ever used to clean her face is soap and water. http://greaterdesmoinesdermatology.com/Inquiries/