Emily Battles

W 46th St between Broadway and Seventh Ave.

I'm guessing this isn't your normal getup. No, I'm working for Dance Mob handing out Chicago flyers.

Where are you from? West Virginia. I came to New York to pursue a career in musical theater.

How old are you? Oh God! A woman never reveals.

Showbiz, huh? Exactly.

So you're a musical-theater nerd? Yeah. It's the only art form I've found that encompasses all my passions into one: Where else can you sing, dance and act in one two-hour venture? It's the ideal for me.

No offense, but I think it's kind of cheesy when people break into song. My acting teacher in college explained it to me like this: The songs are rooted in the action of the play. So when a character can no longer express adequate emotion through words, that's when they break into song. And then if that isn't adequate, gosh darn it, we're gonna have to dance it out. [Laughs]

Is that to say you think people should break into song and dance in daily life, too? You don't? [Laughs] I'm not gonna lie: Sometimes I'm that person who, like, if something good comes on the iPod, I'm like, Okay, I gotta sing this one out.

People must love you on the subway in the morning. I've been threatened before. [Laughs] But when Journey is blasting on your iPod you gotta belt it out regardless.

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"I recently ended up sitting beside the boyfriend of the girl who invented the Snuggie. It was so funny—he hated the woman so much, but he didn't want to break up with her, because she was a multimillionaire. He was the most curmudgeonly, bitter guy. I was like, The Snuggie?!?"

"I was in the Damages series with Glenn Close. I played a restaurant extra and got to sit next to Martin Short. And then while we were at craft services, James Gandolfini walked by to check it out. It's like, 'Hey, Tony Soprano, what up?!?' "

"I am notoriously the worst dater ever. I actually went on a dating show called Dating Bootcamp. I met with a dating coach and a stylist and they gave me all these tips. The last episode was them setting me free at a bar to see if I could pick up a guy. I tried to pick up four guys and none were interested in dating me. So they had to bring in the ringer. [Laughs]"

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