Five things we learned at the Grawlix comedy collective's New York Comedy Festival show

The trio of Midwesterners that comprise the Grawlix made the trip to NYC to see Thor and put on a stand-up show



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The Denverites known as the Grawlix—Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy—are blowing up, thanks in part to a Web-series deal with Amazon. They collectively got their New York Comedy Festival on at Brooklyn’s Union Hall on Friday, November 8. Here are a few things we learned at the show:

Talent attracts talent. Guest sets by Jonah Ray, Sean Patton and Kate Berlant were but a small sampling of the comics who’ve performed alongside the rising trio (Nikki Glaser, Rory Scovel, Kyle Kinane, Jared Logan, Julian McCullough, Dan Soder, Cameron Esposito, Mark Normand and many, many more…).

“Out on the prairie, we don’t have Dolby!” This was how the Coloradans justified going to an 11am showing of Thor: The Dark World rather than heading out to explore the city. Another moment of clarity from Cayton-Holland: “Wanting to fuck Chris Hemsworth does not make you gay!”

You can come home again. Orvedahl once lived in New York, so returning allowed him “to revisit all of my favorite anxiety attacks. ‘Hey, there’s that bookstore I cried in for no reason!’”

The competition is heartless. And cheap? Ranted Cayton-Holland, “Fuck The Village Voice! I got laid off by The Village Voice! I wrote for their Denver paper, and they let me go, and now I’m out $21,000 a year!”

Comedy nerds are still nerds. As Roy accurately noted of the jam-packed bar one level up, “It’s like we’re stuck sitting in the basement while our jock older brother is having a super-cool party upstairs.”

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Denver is the West not the Midwest.... get it right.

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