Fresh Prince, 22

Broadway and W 4th St

Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Are you a Will Smith wannabe? I dunno. That's how I introduce myself to anybody who asks me about my clothes. I have a line called Wet Paint.

So, an Einstein book. I still haven't really gotten my head around the theory of relativity. Help? [Laughs] Basically he was sayin', um...I didn't really get it neither.

Is the book just a prop to impress the ladies? Nope. He talks about a lotta different subjects—the Jews, about why Hitler did what he did—it's an interesting book.

I guess you'd pick up nerd ladies that way, anyway. Different from the kind you get with fuck across your pants. [Laughs] If I'm on the train, a whole buncha old people will be staring, wondering what planet did I come from. So I put that there. Like, "What you starin' at?"

Are you from NYC? Yeah, the Bronx. But I went to high school upstate. Bronx high schools are bad anyway. The one upstate had a good variety for lunch, they had carpet, they had air-conditioning...and the girls like boys from the city.

They weren't 'burbs-boring? Nah. I really liked girls from upstate because most of them had cars.

AC, cars: You have your priorities straight. Nah, those things don't matter. What matters is that I love myself first. And I love the earth.

Yeah? What do you do for it? Every day I say, "I'm glad for waking up; I'm glad for being on the earth." We all connected to it. And we're already destroying it. Everybody's thoughts count so I always send out good ones.

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"The shirt under my hoodie says WHAT THE."

"This was an old-school gold chain and I got bored of it, so I painted over it. Sometimes when I'm going out I'll paint over it again to make it go with my outfit. It's called a Dookie rope. People sometimes think they can eat it."

"Fresh says: "I was out skateboarding and I saw a spaceship a few blocks from my house. I did some research online and found out that people be seeing them all over the world. I argued with my whole family about it. I know what I saw. Nah, it didn't scare me. If anything, I'm happy about it. If there are aliens I wanna meet them. We can't be the only people—the universe is too big."

--Kate Lowenstein