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"Street Art, Street Life" spotlights work from more than 30 artists. Here's a look at two of our faves.



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Photograph: welcomebooks.com/onthestreet

Amy Arbus
Phoebe Lègére Fur Bikini, 1987
“Phoebe made the fur bikini she wore that day and looked amazing, like a superhero,” says Arbus. “When I took the photo, I thought people would part the Red Sea for her. They were intrigued, but not shocked. There was a lot more going on to shake them up back then. People used to get dressed up because they knew that being noticed was key to becoming successful. These days they’re satisfied with being more generic than they really are.”

Photograph: Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Nikki S. Lee
Punk Project 7, 1997
“I wanted to combine documentary with snapshot-quality photography,” says Lee. “When I started ‘Punk Project,’ I lived—and continue to live—in the East Village; I was surrounded by punks. It’s a symbolic culture. It can also be a very trendy one: Anybody can wear a certain type of leather jacket and suddenly they’re considered punk, even if they don’t know the history or share the radical thinking. I’m fascinated by that—and the idea of changing myself and being someone else.”

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