Go it alone

Whether your friends ditched you for the Hamptons, you're freshly single or you just need some time with yourself, here are strategies for savoring the city solo.



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Moses Mountain

Moses Mountain

  • Alone day 1, day of Zen: You're seeking tranquility and don't want to see another soul.
  • Day of Zen music mix: including Tom Waits and Soul Coughing.
  • Alone day 2, post-breakup: You've been dumped and aren't in the mood for your friends' pity.
  • Breakup music mix: including The Smiths and Elliott Smith.
  • Alone day 3, the Hamptons abandonment: Your friends are living it up on Long Island while you're stuck here.
  • Alone day 4, day of veg: You're lazy and don't want to leave the house.
  • Home alone music mix: Including The Walkmen and Mika.
  • Could-see TV: Perfect boob tube fare for those wake-up-at-noon-and-do-nothing Sundays.
  • Whee, myself and I: For more satisfying solo missions, hit up these singles spots. Includes online bonus content.
  • Mr. Lonely: One man gives himself the silent treatment.
  • Portraits of alone: TONY staffers offer their encomiums to solitude.
  • Back the #@% off!: Someone all up in your grill? Here’s how to get your personal space back, with tips from the pros.
  • Self-helpers: You’ll never see these workers at the watercooler—we find out how they feel about hitting the grindstone alone.
  • What is the loneliest job?: A TONY poll.

Also in this issue:

  • Staycations 2007: Seven weekend getaways...without the getting away part.
  • Underground arts: In an era when every no-talent clod is seeking his 15 minutes, we highlight the creative minds of the underground.

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