Great walks 2009

The best way to see the city (yes, even Staten Island) is on foot, and what better time than now? Here are 18 treks for your bipedal pleasure. Hello, spring.



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  • Gossip Girl walk

    Black truffle grilled cheese, headbands, rooftops-OMFG! This snooty trek rocks Midtown East.
  • The Jesus walk

    WWJW? Kick it on the Upper West Side, where you can break bread, view biblical art and even walk on water.
  • All-night club crawl

    Party animals, take note: This Greenpoint-to-Williamsburg walk will have you ragin' till dawn.
  • Rainy-day walk

    Forget huddling indoors during this season of deluge-our Chelsea jaunt keeps you entertained, fed and (relatively) dry.
  • Bridging the boroughs walk

    From Hunter's Point to Greenpoint, this walk transcends time, space and interborough bias.
  • Sweet tooth walk

    Halvah, doughnuts and ice wine await on the Lower East Side.
  • Stalker walk

    New York is the East Coast Hollywood. If you want to feel like an A-lister (or just spy on one), hit up their haunts on this ...
  • Concourse centennial walk

    Louis Risse's Champs-lyses--inspired Grand Concourse turns 100 this year.
  • Early-retirement walk

    Being young and hip is so old. Play retiree for a day to see what you have to look forward to.
  • Top-of-the-park walk

    Sheep Meadow is for the riffraff. Discerning peace-seekers know that the north end of Central Park, and the surrounding ...
  • Art walk

    The Lower East Side's galleries are still dwarfed by their neighborhood's historic specialty shops: cheap clothes, kitchen gear and ...
  • Books walk

    Literary types don't have to sit inside with their noggins down. Look up and around on this tour of the Village's best spots for ...
  • Comedy walk

    Everyone you'll meet on this Saturday night tour of the city's best comedy spots is laughing with you, not at you. Until you get up ...
  • Lesbian walk

    Queer Astoria is for more than just the queens.
  • Music walk

    New York music, old and new, comes together in what really amounts to one neighborhood, separated by a river and connected by a bridge.
  • Long-term relationship walk

    You've done everything else together-now what? Gawk at the culinary marvels of Sunset Park's Chinatown, revel in Bay Ridge's ...
  • Public eye walk

    Give up that impassive New Yorker schtick for a minute and get nosy: Your fellow sidewalkers are worth an ogle.

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