Holiday window secrets

Designers dish on their festive creations.



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Lord & Taylor
424 Fifth Ave between 38th and 39th Sts (212-391-3344, Through Jan 6.

The concept: L&T's "Share the Joy" theme was inspired by customers, who traditionally mail in letters describing how meaningful the holidays are to them. This year, the store decided to turn those tales into window displays, explains Scott Devine, the store's vice president of visual merchandising. So after soliciting hundreds of posts on Facebook, his team chose 12 tales to illustrate behind the glass.

The result: Each of the dozen tales plays out across four windows: In one 1970s scene, three figures dance under a disco ball; in another, a mother and daughter put the finishing touches on an elaborate gingerbread house. "Even though it's not your story, you can definitely relate to a family photo, or the first great gift you got," says Devine. Each display is built in the L&T workshop, which sits beneath the sidewalks on Fifth Avenue. When the set is ready, it's raised up into the window on a hydraulic lift, and small elevators hidden within each window allow the designers to tweak everything.

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