I'm a closeted banker by day...and a gay activist by night



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I’m 25 years old, and I’ve been working in banking for four years. I came out to my friends right after college, and I’ve become open and involved in [the gay] community in those four years. But it’s not considered an option in my career to be open about that—or for [being gay] to even be the case. I know enough people who are out and who are working the same hours and have the same talents as others but don’t get the same bonuses or privileges. Banking is like being at a frat party. People throw around slurs of all shapes and sizes. It’s also kind of like a time machine back to middle school where the word gay is synonymous with stupid or wack.

Outside of work, I volunteer for the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT organization that does a lot of politically charged work, and I’ve been involved with the Empire State Pride Agenda and marriage-equality stuff, too. I worry that I’ll be found out—every time I sign a petition, I think about it.

Coworkers are always inviting me to hang out and always trying to set me up with girls. [Laughs] So I decided to have a “girlfriend”—a very close friend of mine who happens to be a girl.

When I first got this job, I wasn’t out. My career has progressed at a rapid pace, right along with my social and sexual life. But it’s a double-edged sword: I’m hiding myself at work and not being true to myself, but at the end of the day I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my career, either.

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