I'm a professional...and a swing-party hostess



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I work in an office; I don’t want to reveal what field I’m in. I make a good living, a six-figure income. I am also actively involved in the New York City swing scene. I write a blog (swinginthecity.blogspot.com) about my escapades, including threesomes, foursomes and all-out orgies. I also run the NYC School of Sex (schoolofsex.net) with my husband. No one knows about my blog or my side business. I am the type of person that no one would ever suspect of leading such a double life—I don’t drink, gamble or do any type of drugs. My only vice is sex.

Swinging is stress relief. It’s a way to express yourself in a way that you might not be able to if you’re a conservative person. I spend the day in business attire, then when the weekend comes, if we’ve planned a party, I go home and change into...very little clothing. [Laughs] It’s all gonna come off at some point. In the real world, or whatever you want to call it, I’m just an ordinary person; no one looks at me twice. In the swing scene I feel like a superstar. How many people have I slept with? It’s an interesting question. Are we talking men and women? Uhhhh. I might be the female Wilt Chamberlain. [Laughs]

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I am a...

Professional/swing-party hostess | Live-in girlfriend/two timer
Manly man/pedicure fan | HR associate/circus clown | Government employee/nudist
Banker/gay activist | Ad exec/pro wrestler
Muslim/raging alcoholic | Trader/gambling addict

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Look around you. New Yorkers are just not who you think they are.

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