I'm an HR associate...and a circus clown



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I attended Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997. I loved my circus experience and ended up doing it full-time for four years. Then I returned to New York and did temp work while auditioning, hoping to become a big star. After eight months doing a temp job I hated, I switched agencies and was placed in an HR department. I clicked with the people immediately and have now been here almost five years. I’m still an on-call clown, on top of my full-time job. Gigs are usually on weekends, so it doesn’t conflict. My team knows—it has gradually come out. I didn’t want to tell people at first, because the jokes are pretty obvious, but everyone seems pretty cool with it.

Even though I’m working an office job, it’s remarkably similar to clowning. It’s all about giving people what they want, whether or not they know that’s what they want, and humanizing the experience. It’s the same with the circus: You’re watching these three rings of craziness and then the clowns come out and tell you that it’s okay, we can all laugh at it...whatever. This corporate world is just as ridiculous—and my job here is like, “Yeah, you can do it. I can help you through it. We’ll laugh at it together because the corporate world is insane.”

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Professional/swing-party hostess | Live-in girlfriend/two timer
Manly man/pedicure fan | HR associate/circus clown | Government employee/nudist
Banker/gay activist | Ad exec/pro wrestler
Muslim/raging alcoholic | Trader/gambling addict

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