Improv Everywhere lights up Grand Central Terminal (video)

In honor of the station’s centennial, the guerilla event organizers stage a human-powered light show.



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Improv Everywhere: Grand Central Lights

Improv Everywhere: Grand Central Lights

Last week, the grand old Grand Central Terminal celebrated its 100th birthday. To fete the occasion, Arts for Transit invited the folks at Improv Everywhere to do their trademark spontaneous thing. Granted special access, 135 “agents” appeared in the 75-foot-high arched windows on the western end of the main concourse. Standing on three levels of catwalks and armed with LED flashlights, the participants put on a multicolored display for the surprised crowd below. Check out this video to see the action, and click here to learn more about how IE pulled it off. (Not to be confused, of course, with the group’s other stunt in the station, 2008’s Frozen Grand Central.) Check out GCT’s centennial homepage for more events planned over the course of the year, like Nick Cave's HEARD•NY project in March.

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