Inside Dame Edna's Broadway dressing room for All About Me

  • Photographs: Dan Hallman

Photographs: Dan Hallman

“I’ve never traveled with an entourage. I used to travel with my bridesmaid, Madge, who passed away two years ago. We’d been suggesting it to her for years, but she finally did it. And I have only a gynecologist with me now. He is Julio Iglesias’s father. I have a quick exploratory before every performance in the wings of the theater when no one is looking. He’s very old, though—his hand shakes. That’s not a disadvantage.”

“[This ring is] one of the biggest rubies in the world. It’s very heavy and it’s very lucky. It came from a Buddha. I was a tourist at the time and there was no one looking, and I think the Buddha would have wanted me to have it.”

“I’ve got a huge wardrobe in Australia, but I just brought a few bare necessities for America, because I’m very democratic and I don’t want to make women in the audience jealous. It would be elitist.”

“I have glasses to match every frock. I’m having several more glasses sent to me. Do you know who designs my glasses? My son, Kenny. He’s very, very well. He’s a lovely boy. He needs a nice girlfriend.”

“Some sweet fan sent [this drawing] to me. It’s not artistically very good, but it’s a tribute to me from someone who treats me as a role model.”

“[The flowers] were sent to me, as a matter of fact, by George Clooney, and these were sent to me by Charlie Rose. [George] will be there on the first night.”

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