Inside the home kitchen of Jehangir Mehta, chef-owner of Graffiti

  • Photographs: Dan Hallman

Photographs: Dan Hallman

“Honestly, my only priority when constructing this kitchen was to have a nice, powerful stove. So we have a Jade stove. Otherwise it was just choosing the cabinet color and the things that could fit in a small apartment.”

“I’m in my kitchen every day, because I cook for my children. They don’t eat any fast food—they eat everything cooked at home. For their first birthday, the theme was the best things in life. They had soft risotto, caviar with potatoes, foie’s all soft! And they eat all spices. They love spicy food.”

“Fenugreek is a spice that many people don’t use. It’s very, very healthy—if you have it in the morning, it clarifies the blood and helps reduce blood sugar. I put it in lentil soup and in spinach.”

Graffiti 224 E 10th St (between First and Second Aves), East Village, 212-464-7743

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