Inside Titus Andronicus bassist Ian Graetzer's screenprinting workplace, Kingsland Printing

“In these pictures you are seeing me working at Kingsland Printing, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn ( The space is not mine—it belongs to Sara Gates, who is the owner of Kingsland Printing.“My position is screen printer/manual printer. I occasionally will do some layout work, but mostly I am responsible for printing the images on the garment and or paper.”

“In the second and third pictures of the slideshow I am working on fabric with repeat patterns for a designer line called Dusen Dusen. In the other two pictures I am making Titus Andronicus shirts for our upcoming tour.”

“The purple and blue screens are for a clients sample's for their new clothing line.”

“When I was younger I always wanted to learn how to do [screen printing], but did not really know where I would get the experience. Happily, when I started college in New York, I met Sara Gates through Troubleman Unlimited, which was a record label I used to intern/work for, and learned everything from her. The thing I love about my job is that I just get to hang out with my friends all day, as well as getting to use the studio as my personal playground/office to work on projects.”

“Luckily, the owner is one of my best friends so she hooks me up with work when I am home and does not mind when I leave [on tour]. I guess I hope she does not find a replacement for me when I am away.”

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