Interview with Larry Mann

TONY spoke with photographer Sally Mann's husband about being the subject of her new works.

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For her latest project, “Proud Flesh,” photographer Sally Mann trained the lens on her 61-year-old husband, Larry Mann, who has muscular dystrophy. TONY asked him about the experience.

Your wife tells me that bourbon was involved.
[Laughs] That helped. Eased things a little bit. [But posing] probably isn’t as big a leap for me as it would be for someone who has never been in front of a camera before.

Did you talk during the shoot?
Oh yeah. Looking for a slightly different approach, I would say, “How about if I do this?”

But nothing like, “Hey, you forgot to take out the garbage.”
Well, I’m not gonna say that didn’t happen. But I had to concentrate—they were long exposures.

Did you ever yell, “Hurry the fuck up!”?
[Laughs] No, I would occasionally say, “My left arm is falling asleep here,” or something like that.

Do you worry about people seeing you with everything hanging out?
No. These pictures are so clean, have an almost still-life quality, that there really isn’t any sensational quality—at least in my mind. I just loved them.—Howard Halle

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