Issa "Ace" Chouman, 23

27th St between Broadway and Sixth Ave



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Issa “Ace” Chouman

Issa “Ace” Chouman Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I like all kinds of styles—everything but baggy clothes. These are Pumas. When I go out I sometimes wear dress shoes, but otherwise I prefer sneakers—they're more comfortable."

What are you up to? I'm on a break from work. Can I take my shirt off?

Sure, why? Are you hot? No, I'm cut.

I see. What do you do, other than strip down for interviewers? I work in my father's wholesale clothing store, and I go to school.

What are you studying? Math, at St. John's University. I'm a junior.

You don't look like a math nerd. I'm not a nerd. I don't study. I go out five times a week. But I get A's anyway.

Lucky. Do you spend the rest of your time at the gym? I'm there four or five times a week, for anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.

How much can you bench? 345.

Wowee. Do you beat up the other math majors? [Laughs] No. I don't fight nobody.

What's your motivation for working out? I do it for fun, and for the look. It makes me feel confident.

Do you guzzle protein shakes? Yes, and I watch what I eat. I don't go near anything that makes me fat.

Are muscles good for getting ladies? Women love muscles. When I go clubbing, they come to me.

Do people assume things about you because of the way you look? Yeah, people think I'm stupid. They don't believe I'm a math major. And they are jealous, too—especially men from my culture: I'm Lebanese. They accuse me of juicing up.

No steroids for you, though? Never. I like my body natural.

Do you love your body more than anything else in the world? [Laughs] I'm not obsessed. I love women more.—Kate Lowenstein

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