Joshlyn Graham, 21

Canal and Lafayette Sts

Joshlyn Graham
Joshlyn Graham

Joshlyn? Was someone hoping for a boy? [Laughs] They named me after my grandpa.

Where are you from? Kansas City, Missouri. My mom and I are here for the first time.

Country folk! Is New York all you thought it would be? Well, I didn't expect it to be so...unclean.

Hah! Guess you're not in Kansas anymore. What do you do back home? I'm a dancer at a gentlemen's club.

Wow. How do you feel about it? I don't mind it. It's like a big competition with all the girls—to be the fastest one to get ready, get on the floor and grab the guys.

So how do you spot the ones with the deepest pockets? By what they're drinking. If I have to pick between a guy drinking beer and one drinking cognac, it's easy.

Do you ever judge based on race? At the club where I used to work, my favorites were Mexicans, then white guys, then black guys. Mexicans tend to spend a lot of money and never turn you down. At the new place, we get mostly white business guys. That's cool too.

Do you get a lot of weird requests? Yes. There was this guy who liked us to spit on his head and in his mouth. If it's not worse than that, I'll do it. But if they ask for something nasty—like this one guy tried to lick my armpit—that freaks me out.

Does it ever seem funny that men pay you so much for something that your boyfriend gets for free? Yeah, it's kind of crazy to pay $20 just for a girl to dance on you for two minutes.

But let's hope they don't come to their senses, right? [Laughs] I don't think that will ever happen.--Kate Lowenstein