Late-day linkage: Buildings with zip codes, exhibitionist Brooklynites and more

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- Your perfect weekend is here! It includes the Jazz Age Lawn Party (part two), Nerd Nite's global fest and a Madonna celebration in Brooklyn. [TONY]

- Apparently there's a store in Vancouver called Pirate Joe's, which sells bootlegged Trader Joe's merch. Unsurprisingly, TJ's is suing the store to stop selling contraband wares. [Fast Company]

- Here's what the new Arthur Ashe stadium—complete with a fancy-pants retractable roof—might look like. [DNAInfo]

- Note to people who live in schmancy homes with glass facades: Perhaps consider investing in opaque curtains before bathing in full view of your neighbors. [Gothamist]

- MTV is gearing up for the 29th season of The Real World. Yes, you read that right—29th. We suddenly feel very old. [The Atlantic Wire]

- The Central Ave station on the M line reopened today; check out nifty photos of the public art found within, the product of the MTA's Arts for Transit program. [Arts for Transit Tumblr]

- Learn about the buildings in NYC that have their own designated zip code—there are 43 of ’em, including One World Trade Center, pictured above. [Untapped Cities]

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