Late-day linkage: Vampire Weekend gives advice, birds are terrible and more

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How nice does this pool look right now?

How nice does this pool look right now?

- The Talkhouse continues its run of amazing articles by having Huey Lewis write about his distaste for prerecorded music at baseball games. Choice line: "The worst live organist is better than the best prerecorded music." [The Talkhouse]

- Mockingbird attacks have become commonplace at Greenpoint's Transmitter Park in the past few weeks. This confirms what we already suspected: Birds are evil creatures. [City Room]

- Ezra Koenig and Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend doled out advice about crushes, porn and noncommittal dudes on a new edition of Rookie's Ask a Grown Man. Aww. [Rookie]

- The Atlantic Cities interviewed Radhika Subramaniam, who curated the cool new exhibit "Masterpieces of Everyday New York: Objects as Story" at Parsons; the show features quotidian items (like broken umbrellas or coffee cups) donated by New School faculty members. [The Atlantic Cities]

- Here's a map of post-Sandy improvements and cleanup efforts on New York City's beaches. [Curbed]

- The Chris Gethard Show has its 100th episode tonight. Hooray! Gethard talked about his ten favorite moments from the goofy cable-access show's run over at Splitsider. [Splitsider]

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