Lauren Sasha Attermann, 23

Ninth Ave and 37th St

Lauren Sasha Attermann

Lauren Sasha Attermann Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"Shoes and bags are my weakness. It's a problem. My most expensive pair of heels cost about $500. These weren't that bad—only about $325. I watch where I walk."

What do you do? I work for Milly New York. It's a fashion house.

So are you an aspiring designer? No, I think I want to do fashion PR.

Those are some serious femme fatale shoes. How do you walk in those things? I've had practice: I went to school in Syracuse and I'd wear them out at night, even when it was icy and freezing.

You must break a lot of hearts wearing those shoes. [Laughs] In college I always had boyfriends, but ever since I got to the city, I don't seem to be able to commit. I just haven't met the right guy.

What's been missing? Quirks. I want a guy to have something about him that keeps me guessing.

Do all guys dig redheads? No, it's a type. Some guys do and immediately comment on my hair and...well, I've never really met a guy who doesn't [Laughs]. But it's definitely a type.

Is it the fire-crotch appeal? No.

How can you be so sure? [Long pause] Do you want me to go into detail here?

You mean some unnamed carrot tops are not fire crotches? Right.

I see. So have you been with people who exclusively date redheads? Yes, yes! And he was blatantly open about it! The first thing he said to me was, "I love your hair; my girlfriend's is the same color." And then he broke up with her and we dated for three years.

Until he moved on to his next fair victim? No, he hasn't moved on yet.

Oh no? Even though you're broken up? I don't want him to move on. I want him to want me.

I think we may have gotten to the bottom of your commitment problem. [Laughs] Absolutely. But hey, I'm still giving other guys a shot.—Kate Lowenstein