Learn to dance in NYC with these international dance classes

Dance in NYC gets a lot sexier with rhythmic drumming and gyrating hips. Learn to dance to world beats in these international dance classes.



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  • Cuban Motion and Latin Technique at Dancesport

  • Photograph: Dawen Huang

    DhoonyaFit at Dhoonya Dance

  • Photograph: Christina M. Hicks

    DhoonyaFit at Dhoonya Dance

Cuban Motion and Latin Technique at Dancesport

Learn to dance like celebrities from Bollywood and beyond. International dance classes draw on styles from Africa, India, Cuba and other far-flung destinations to build high-energy, cardio-driven workouts that’ll tone your butt, stomach and legs.

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Joneeba African Dance at Djoniba Dance Centre

Led by founder Djoniba Mouflet, this 90-minute class leaves you feeling fully energized. The trademarked Joneeba technique incorporates both yoga and West African dance, working your body from head to toe. A thorough warm-up, filled with crunches and stretches, limbers up your muscles predancing. Next, you’ll follow easy-to-learn steps that mimic exaggerated running moves (your knees rise chest-high while your feet kick back behind you). No experience is required, but be prepared to hustle as you move quickly to the beat of live drums. Peridance Capezio Center, 126 E 13th St between Third and Fourth Aves. Mon, Wed, Fri 7:30–9pm, Sat 2–3:30pm. • 22 W 34th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves. Sun 5–7:30pm. • (212-470-5929, djoniba.com). Single class $18, five-class card $78, ten-class card $160, 20-class card $310.

Cuban Motion and Latin Technique at Dancesport

If Baby and Johnny are your dirty-dancing idols, sway into this class led by studio head Paul Pellicoro. The 55-minute workout combines three types of dance: salsa, merengue and bachata. You’ll begin with footwork to help you nail the rhythm. Combinations, such as salsa’s six-step pattern over an eight-count beat, demonstrate how motion from your core can affect your entire body. As you move to the upbeat Caribbean music with a rotation of partners, you’ll feel your abs tighten and posture straighten. • 22 W 34th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves (212-307-1111, dancesport.com). Mon 6:30pm; single class $25, four-week course $90.

DhoonyaFit at Dhoonya Dance

You can burn as many as 800 calories in 60 minutes of this Bollywood-inspired class. Guided by jazz and Indian hip-hop tunes, the challenging session will fulfill your daily cardio and strength-building routine at once. You’ll endure 15 full-body exercises with a focus on extreme cardio, working your way through a mix of bhangra, classical and folk dance forms. Moves range from push-ups to steps such as “Bolly-taps,” ­a toe-tap-and-hip-drop pattern that works your obliques. Finally, cool down with slower-paced stretches to help bring your heart rate back to normal. • DANY Studios, 305 W 38th St at Eighth Ave (347-644-0052, dhoonyadance.com). Schedule varies; visit website for details. Single class $20, five-class card $90, ten-class card $150. Use the online code “TONY” when booking to receive 15 percent off a single class through Sept 30.

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