"Letters by J.D. Salinger"

The curtain comes up on the reclusive author's private life, detailed in a 40-plus-year correspondence with his friend Michael Mitchell. Read 11 letters he wrote at the Morgan Library & Museum, and draw your own conclusions.



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Letter two

October 16, 1966
Salinger's children, Peggy and Matthew, are in New York City for a visit and a trip to the dentist. They stay at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel, in the same suite that the Beatles stayed in the last time they played New York. Peggy loves this, and Salinger loves her and Matthew—he reads in bed while they sleep in the same room, and considers them both "pretty hot stuff." The next day, he takes them to a bookstore and lunch at Reuben's, followed by "a walk on a darkened Fifth Avenue." In the meantime, Salinger stops by the New Yorker offices. He tells Mitchell that he misses him quite a lot, and hopes that he's found love again since his divorce with Bet. The letter closes with a description of Salinger's new manuscripts, which he's hidden for a decade and doesn't feel up to showing anybody. "I have ten, twelve years of work piled around...I have two particular scripts—books, really—that I've been hoarding and picking at for years, and these two I think that you would love."

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